Developing Strong Customer Relationships

Those who want to gain a foundation in basic sales techniques and anyone who wants to develop or refine their existing sales skills


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Developing strong customer relationships is essential for sustained sales success. Understanding your customers’ needs and what they value is arguably the most important aspect of successfully developing and nurturing these relationships. Building customer relationships, however, is not a simple task—it requires strong communication skills and an in-depth knowledge about how your customers operate, their strategic direction, and how you can help them get there. This course provides insight into how you can better understand your customers, build credibility, and position yourself for long-term success by building lasting and valuable business relationships.


Forging Strong Relationships with Customers

  • match types of customers to examples
  • recognize statements that explain what customers value
  • recognize examples of appropriate use of the guidelines for communicating effectively in a sales meeting
  • recognize effective techniques for establishing credibility
  • build credibility in sales meetings




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