Development Platform in Oracle9i

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To explain the Oracle9i database enhancements that support the Oracle9i database development platform

Target Audience

Database operators, administrators, and developers interested in the new technical features and benefits of an Oracle9i database


Experience in Oracle database administration; familiarity with RDBMS technologies

Expected Duration

160 min.

Course Objectives

Development Platform in Oracle9i

  • use the SQL:1999 enhancements, such as joins, CASE expressions, and scalar subqueries in an Oracle9i database.
  • able to explain and use the SQL:1999 enhancements, such as the analytical functions, group sets, composite columns, the WITH clause, and the MERGE statement in an Oracle9i database.
  • use the JOIN predicate in an Oracle9i database.
  • explain and use the SQL enhancements provided in an Oracle9i database.
  • describe and use the new Oracle9i database date and time datatypes and Unicode enhancements for globalization support.
  • describe and use the Oracle9i database globalization support features.
  • describe the Oracle9i PL/SQL native compiler and explain how to enable it.
  • explain the object functionality enhancements in an Oracle9i database.