Digital Marketing: Getting to the Customer

Anyone who wants to participate in planning digital marketing initiatives for organizations of any size


Expected Duration
37 minutes

Classical one-to-many marketing has made way for personalized, individual, and increasingly web-based marketing methods in the digital age. Any company in the world knows that there is no future without marketing your offerings and products on the web or on mobile devices. In this course, you will learn about the primary goals and methods of digital marketing so you can plan the best strategy and mix for your organization. The course surveys a variety of methods and tools for reaching customers at every stage of their decision-making process, with a focus on social media marketing.


Digital Marketing: Reaching the Customer

  • recognize the goals of digital marketing today
  • recognize the types of marketing channels and activities associated with each stage in the digital marketing funnel
  • analyze a digital marketing planning effort
  • recognize the value of various types of social media in a digital marketing strategy
  • apply digital marketing within your organization





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