Digital Payments

Computer professionals already engaged or seeking to be involved in network design, implementation, consultancy and support; IT and business managers who need to learn about current and future digital payment technologies; students investigating or researching digital payments and related technologies

An understanding of computers and the basic concepts of Internet commerce systems

Expected Duration
165 minutes

To identify the main components of Internet commerce payment systems and to recognize new and recently outdated payment trends


Digital Payments

  • differentiate between token and notational commerce systems.
  • identify how payments are made and validated with payment cards.
  • identify the features and processes of the SSL protocol.
  • identify the key features of the SET protocol and sequence the steps in the SET process.
  • recognize how digital payment system protocols and processes are implemented in a given scenario.
  • identify how the Virtual PIN, DigiCash, CyberCash, and MicroMint digital payment systems operate and the key security and privacy issues that relate to them.
  • identify features of the PayPal, Escrow, Gator wallet, and Microsoft Passport methods.
  • identify key emerging innovations in payment cards.
  • identify the key features of smart cards, electronic checks, EFT, and mobile payments systems.




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