Diplomacy and Tact for Every Day

Individuals who want to improve their ability to communicate in a more diplomatic and tactful manner


Expected Duration
28 minutes

Imagine a world where people always say what’s on their mind with no filters. This is a world where you are informed at a lunch meeting that you have lettuce in your teeth, where it’s announced at the staff meeting that a project has been delayed because you forgot to send an e-mail, or where your coworkers openly roll their eyes when you ask a question they think is embarrassingly basic. This is a world without diplomacy and tact. Utilizing tact and diplomacy is important when engaging in difficult conversations, but these skills are just as important in our day-to-day work environments. People who communicate with diplomacy and tact will be notable and noticed for their ability to communicate across all levels of an organization in a way that puts people at ease and inspires confidence. In this course, you’ll explore diplomacy and tact, and recognize the difference between them and the value they bring to you and your work environment. You’ll also review situational awareness, how to choose words to avoid a meltdown, and how to apologize with grace.


Recognizing Diplomacy and Tact

  • identify examples of the skills of diplomacy and tact
  • identify examples of the methods for developing situational awareness
  • apply the communication skills for avoiding a meltdown in a scenario
  • identify examples of appropriate apologies
  • demonstrate diplomacy and tact





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