Diplomacy and Tact in Challenging Situations

Individuals who want to improve their ability to communicate in a more diplomatic and tactful manner


Expected Duration
29 minutes

Being able to interact with diplomacy and tact smoothes the daily routine in any workplace. But in every workplace there are times when the daily routine is broken by some unpleasant event, situation, or task. At some point in our careers, we will likely all be faced with some very specific communication challenges such as dealing with a difficult personality or someone we just don’t get along with, having to address a sensitive situation over e-mail, or correcting someone in a position of power such as a boss or client. These are the times when your ability to deploy diplomacy and tact with aplomb will serve you especially well. In this course, you’ll review techniques for navigating difficult working relationships, creating diplomatic and tactful e-mail, neutralizing angry coworkers, and handling manipulative or bullying individuals.


Navigating Stormy Waters

  • identify strategies for working with a disliked or difficult coworker
  • identify techniques for composing a difficult e-mail with tact and diplomacy
  • identify examples of strategies for dealing with angry individuals
  • apply strategies for dealing with a manipulative individual
  • identify strategies for correcting a boss or client
  • demonstrate diplomacy and tact in a difficult situation





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