Distribution and E-Marketing Ethics in the Marketing Mix

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their marketing skills.


Expected Duration
30 minutes

Distribution is all about managing the journey a product takes from producer to consumer, and how value travels back from the consumer to the producer. In this course, you’ll learn about the importance of having an effective distribution model and the things you should consider when selecting a distribution channel. You’ll also learn about key distribution strategies and systems and how to select and manage distributors. Finally, you’ll learn about online distribution opportunities and the benefits and ethical concerns associated with e-marketing.


The Role of Place in the Marketing Mix

  • recognize the importance of effective distribution
  • identify the key considerations in selecting appropriate distribution channels for your products
  • match distribution strategies and systems with their descriptions
  • identify guidelines for selecting distribution network intermediaries
  • recall guidelines for managing intermediaries in the distribution network
  • identify characteristics and benefits of online distribution
  • match elements of the marketing mix to the related ethical concerns in e-marketing
  • recognize the importance of establishing effective distribution channels and being aware of ethical concerns





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