Docker for Enterprise Operations

IT professionals with an operations or system administration background who have already attended Docker Fundamentals or have equivalent experience, desiring to understand designing, deploying, and managing Docker containers at scale in an enterprise environment.


Familiarity with Linux command line

Expected Duration
2 day


As the follow-on to our Docker Fundamentals course, this course is designed for Docker operations teams to learn the many advanced features of Docker EE and how to apply them at scale with enterprise workloads.

This course is also available as a four-day bundle offering, which includes Docker Fundamentals and Operations in a single intensive training experience.


  1. Installing UCP
  2. UCP Architecture
  3. Introduction to Docker Datacenter
  4. Docker Engine Swarm Mode
  5. Deploying Services in UCP
  6. UCP Networking and Load Balancing
  7. Deploying Applications across Multiple Nodes
  8. Backwards Compatibility with Classic Swarm
  9. UCP User Management
  10. UCP Role Based Access Control
  11. LDAP Integration
  12. Basic Troubleshooting
  13. Installing Docker Trusted Registry
  14. DTR Overview
  15. Creating Public and Private DTR Repositories
  16. DTR Access Control
  17. Content Trust and Imaging Signing with Notary
  18. Designing a DDC Deployment



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