Document Exchange in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000

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To explain how to manage and configure document exchange using BizTalk Server 2000

Target Audience

IT professionals and administrators seeking to gain competency in the use of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000; candidates for Microsoft exam 70-230: Designing and Implementing Solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000, Enterprise Edition


The Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000: Designing and Implementing Solutions I learning path; a minimum of one year’s experience designing and developing distributed applications using Microsoft technologies in medium to large computing environments; knowledge of XML, XSLT, COM, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Microsoft Visual C++; a working knowledge of IIS, ASP, and Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition; experience with document interchange via HTTP, SMTP, FTP Message Queuing, transitional and multitier applications, SSL and S/MIME protocols, public-key infrastructure (PKI), and regional database management system (RDBMS)

Expected Duration

195 min.

Course Objectives

Document Exchange in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000

  • describe the relationship between created objects in BizTalk Messaging Manager and to discuss organization types and identifiers and document definitions.
  • describe and create messaging ports.
  • describe channels, envelopes, and distribution lists.
  • use the Messaging Manager to create organizations, messaging ports, channels, and envelopes.
  • describe receive functions and to explain self-routing and non-self-routing documents.
  • configure receive functions.
  • configure the file receive function for submitting documents.
  • submit documents programmatically using the Submit and SubmitSync methods.
  • describe the BizTalk Orchestration Designer and explain how to use it to implement a business process.
  • map a business process in BizTalk Server 2000.
  • configure Implementation shapes.
  • bind ports to Implementation shapes.
  • describe BizTalk Server 2000 application integration components.