Document Sets, Alerts, Site Pages, and Web Parts in SharePoint 2016

End users; business users; IT administrators; and business decision makers looking to attain competency in Microsoft SharePoint 2016


Expected Duration
56 minutes

SharePoint 2016 enables you to use document sets to help organize related files and allows you to create alerts to receive e-mails or text alerts when items change. SharePoint also allows you to create interconnected pages known as site pages which typically have text, images, and web parts within. This course explores how to create document sets, follow and share documents, configure alerts, and use the sync feature. The course also covers how to create and format site pages, add media and links to pages, and create and customize Web Parts.


Working with Library and List Features

  • start the course
  • create a document set in SharePoint 2016
  • follow documents in SharePoint 2016
  • recognize how to share documents in SharePoint 2016
  • create alerts in SharePoint 2016
  • use the sync feature to work on documents offline in SharePoint 2016

Configuring Pages

  • create new site pages in SharePoint 2016
  • format site pages in SharePoint 2016
  • add pictures and links to a site page in SharePoint 2016
  • add web parts in site pages in SharePoint 2016
  • edit web parts in SharePoint 2016
  • delete and hide web parts in site pages in SharePoint 2016

Practice: Working with Documents and Pages

  • follow and share documents, and create and customize a new site page in SharePoint 2016





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