Drupal 8 First Look

Anyone new to Drupal or installing Drupal for the first time


Expected Duration
171 minutes

Drupal is a user-friendly Content Management System or CMS that automates or eases the most common web site development requirements. In this course, you will learn the basic installation process, how to add and manage content, and the roles and permissions for users.



  • start the course
  • describe what Drupal is and where it is best suited to be used
  • describe the system requirements for installing Drupal
  • recall some important details regarding the differences between Drupal content and normal web page content
  • create a local development environment with Vagrant Drupal Distribution
  • install Drupal in a local development environment

Content Management

  • describe different Drupal content types
  • create a taxonomy
  • use a taxonomy
  • manage content types
  • modify the menus
  • describe what the core modules are
  • describe how to use fields
  • create content
  • edit content
  • create a custom content type
  • configure custom content types
  • change site information
  • describe what blocks are
  • describe what views are
  • create custom views
  • edit a view
  • edit a block
  • configure block layout on the page
  • configure image settings
  • create a Really Simple Syndication or RSS feed
  • make modifications to a sidebar


  • describe the relationship between roles and users
  • create a new user role
  • create a new user
  • configure permissions for a user

Practice: Drupal Basics

  • perform basic tasks with Drupal





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