Effective Succession Planning: Determining a Talent Pool for Key Positions

Managers, business leaders, HR professionals, or individuals needing to initiate, develop, and implement succession planning within an organization

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Do you want to take the guesswork out of determining your company’s future and avert a crisis if key positions are left vacant? Building a talent pool for your organization is a deliberate, systematic effort to find high-potential employees for key positions within your workforce. It’s a smart business decision to assess current and future talent.
In this course, you will learn about the process for determining the availability of talent. It covers the criteria for identifying key positions and the importance of planning for future key positions in your company. This involves ensuring you know what competencies are needed to perform the duties for key jobs by performing an analysis, competency identification, and a rating for each key position. The course also explores how performance appraisals alone are not enough to determine your talent pool. For maximum effectiveness, you should combine them with individual potential assessments to find high-potential employees for key jobs for your present and future workforce needs.


Determining a Talent Pool for Key Positions

  • determine whether a position is key in a given scenario
  • recognize examples of appropriate analysis to perform to identify future key positions
  • assess whether the procedure for identifying position competencies has been correctly implemented in a given scenario
  • determine actions to be taken with regard to the succession plan’s talent pool in a given scenario





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