Effective Team Communication

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Regardless of how talented the individual members of your team are, they can only get your team so far alone. To maximize their potential, teams rely on the participation, input, and opinions of all team members. Learning to speak up and encouraging others to open up are important to a team’s success. Effective communication is the fuel that will keep your team going to the finish line.
In this course, you’ll learn the importance of fostering a team environment that encourages open and supportive communication. You will learn to recognize common verbal barriers that can seriously interfere with team productivity and learn strategies for eliminating those barriers. This course also covers active listening and presents techniques for listening more effectively to teammates, thereby encouraging the sharing of ideas within the team.

Target Audience

All levels of employees; anyone who participates on any type of team


Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Course Overview

Verbal Barriers between Team Members

  • recognize verbal barriers to communication
  • Maintaining Open Communication on a Team

  • apply ground rules for open communication, given a team meeting scenario
  • identify strategies for maintaining open communication during team meetings
  • identify which barriers to effective communication will be eliminated by specific strategies for team meetings
  • Actively Listening to Team Members

  • recognize techniques for actively listening to a teammate’s viewpoint




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