Effectively Communicating in Teams

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Teams rely on the participation, input, and opinions of all team participants. Learning to speak up and encouraging others to open up are important to a team’s communication. Giving and receiving feedback gracefully is another critical part of communicating with team members. Without effective feedback, little will be accomplished. Effective team communication skills don’t just happen. In this course, you’ll learn ways to communicate productively and nonjudgmentally, to listen effectively and assert yourself, and to provide and receive constructive feedback.

Target Audience

Project team members, team members, staff members, team leaders, group leaders



Expected Duration

180 min.

Course Objectives

Proactive Team Communication

  • recognize the benefits of choosing to proactively communicate with team members.
  • match the communication barriers with the appropriate examples.
  • assess a given business scenario in which team member attempts to apply the principles for speaking nonjudgmentally, and determine what the team member did wrong.
  • Cooperative Communication

  • select reasons why being an active participant in the communication process is important.
  • recognize the techniques to use when listening supportively to teammates.
  • analyze a given scenario to recommend improvements for listening supportively to a teammate.
  • analyze a given scenario to recommend improvements for sharing a viewpoint assertively with a teammate.
  • Constructive Feedback

  • choose the benefits of developing skills for constructively giving and receiving feedback.
  • sequence examples of the steps for giving constructive feedback.
  • apply the steps for giving feedback constructively to a teammate in a given situation.
  • analyze a given business scenario to recommend improvements for receiving feedback gracefully from a teammate.




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