Electrostatic Discharge Safety Training

Primarily engineering, safety, and maintenance personnel whose responsibilities include determining and correcting static issues. May also benefit managers, supervisors, and employees who work in areas where electrostatic discharge could result in fire, explosion, and/or damage to electrical equipment.

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Expected Duration
90 minutes

This course will provide a basic understanding of static electricity, and how to provide protection from static electricity. The information in this course will focus on the identification, assessment, and control of static electricity for purposes of preventing fires and explosions.


Introduction to Static Electricity

  • identify the purpose and scope of the NFPA 77: Recommended Practice on Static Electricity standard
  • identify examples of the main causes of static electricity in the workplace
  • identify statements that correctly describe the nature of static electricity
  • identify relevant statements about measuring static electricity

Dealing with the Hazards of Static Electricity

  • identify relevant statements about each of three types of hazards created by static electricity
  • identify the principles associated with each of four variables on the ignition of static discharge in combustible environments
  • identify three techniques that are used to control the hazards of static electricity
  • identify methods commonly used to neutralize human static discharge





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