EMC ISM v2: RAID and Intelligent Storage Systems

Experienced IT professionals who wish to be or currently are responsible for information storage or for planning, designing, deploying, managing, or leveraging information infrastructure

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Expected Duration
90 minutes

This course focuses on RAID and its use to improve performance and protection. It details various RAID implementations, techniques, and levels commonly used. This course also describes the impact of RAID on performance and equips you to select the best RAID levels for your organization. It also covers the key components of an intelligent storage system. It details the function of each component, including cache management and protection techniques. The course also focuses on the two storage provisioning methods. Finally, it describes the two types of intelligent storage systems. This course is part of a series that cover the objectives for EMC Proven Professional certification exam E10-001 Information Storage and Management Exam Version 2.


Data Protection Systems and Techniques

  • recognize three key techniques used for RAID and describe RAID implementation
  • distinguish between commonly used RAID levels
  • describe the RAID penalty
  • recommend a RAID level, given a scenario
  • recognize common cache management strategies
  • recognize the role played by each key component of an intelligent storage system
  • describe two storage provisioning methods
  • describe two types of intelligent storage systems
  • identify characteristics of two EMC storage offerings





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