Emotional Intelligence: Being Aware of the Emotions of Others

Anyone who wants to advance their aptitude for emotional intelligence


Expected Duration
33 minutes

You cannot achieve results by just focusing on yourself. Work is comprised of groups, teams, relationships, and networks. And organizational dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and the diversity of personality styles will continually challenge your emotional intelligence. Your ability to interact with and influence others, especially when emotions are running high, relies heavily on your personal self–awareness and self–management competence. The more you work on yourself, the better able you are to relate to others. When you are skilled in relationship awareness, your focus is on the other person or persons, while you also manage yourself.


The Relational Side of EI

  • identify work activities that rely on emotional awareness
  • identify the characteristics of emotional awareness in others
  • identify the use of emotionally intelligent listening skills
  • respond to another person with empathy
  • use emotional intelligence to become aware of the emotions of others





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