Emotional Intelligence: Building Self-Management Skills

Anyone who wants to advance their aptitude for emotional intelligence


Expected Duration
31 minutes

Probably the most essential skill involved in Emotional Intelligence is self-management. It usually rides on the tail of self-awareness…when you notice an emotion. What can happen is that an emotional response takes on a life of its own, gets hijacked, or snowballs into a reaction that is difficult to control. With self-management skills, you nip it in the bud and control the inward interpretations and outward behaviors associated with strong emotions. You not only self-manage in the moment but you begin to regulate how you typically respond to things that push your buttons. You build a proactive approach to emotional intelligence – first with your awareness and then a natural flow into self-management. Another reason why self-management is so important is that with it, the relational side of emotional intelligence tends to flow better. You gain appreciation for the challenge of controlling emotional impulses and become more empathetic and patient with others.


Minding Your Emotions

  • recognize the chain of events leading to an emotional response
  • recognize examples of properly applied self-management techniques
  • identify appropriate self-management techniques to use in an emotionally charged situation
  • utilize techniques to sustain self-regulation
  • use self-management concepts to deal with difficult situations





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