Emotional Intelligence: Owning Your Emotions

Anyone who wants to advance their aptitude for emotional intelligence


Expected Duration
34 minutes

Emotions arise within ourselves – through our complex brain circuitry that we sometimes call ‘wiring.’ No one else is responsible for our emotions – we own them, and we must be aware of them in order to manage them, recognize them in others, and develop relationships. External stimuli may trigger our sensations, reactions, and responses but to be emotionally intelligent you must start ‘in here’ (inside yourself) and not ‘out there.’ When triggered, your brain gets fired up and you might feel afraid, anxious, angry, shocked, or sad. You may also feel happy, joyful, excited, and fulfilled. When you are intelligent about your emotions, you’re aware that the hardest work is managing the emotions that get in the way of your best performance.


Why Be Emotionally Intelligent?

  • identify examples of emotions, feelings, and moods
  • recognize actions and characteristics associated with emotional self-awareness
  • use knowledge of neuroscience and emotions to perform effectively
  • identify behaviors that can be practiced to cultivate emotional awareness
  • use self-awareness to deal with emotional responses





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