Employee and Labor Relations: Behavioral and Disciplinary Issues and Resolution

Human resource professionals, managers, and all individuals preparing for the PHR and SPHR certification examinations of Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI); compensation and benefits analysts, administrators, staffing managers, and recruiters will also have interest in this certification path

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Positive and constructive relations between employers, employees, and unions are important for the success and growth of any organization. However, it is not uncommon for organizations to come across employee related-behavioral and disciplinary issues that might threaten the positive and productive work environment. This course examines some of the problematic behavior and performance situations and how an organization can work to improve them. The course then presents a process to initiate disciplinary action aimed at giving erring employees a chance to improve and to avoid undesirable employment litigations. The course goes on to discuss the alternative dispute resolution approaches as a way to prevent the escalation of disciplinary actions and termination of employees into lawsuits. The course also discusses the importance and roles of organizational policies, procedures, and work rules and how managers and HR professionals can work to make sure that employees understand and follow them.
This course helps prepare individuals for the Human Resource Certification Institute’s (HRCI) PHR and SPHR certification examinations.


Behavioral and Disciplinary Issues and Resolution

  • differentiate between policies, procedures, and work rules
  • identify the legal considerations associated with employee handbooks
  • identify examples of key workplace behavior issues
  • identify the roles of performance improvement plans
  • identify best practices for implementing effective discipline in the workplace
  • sequence the steps involved in a disciplinary process based on best practices
  • recognize how to conduct a termination meeting appropriately
  • match methods of alternative dispute resolutions with their descriptions
  • differentiate between mediation and arbitration




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