Employees, Banking, and Reports

Business professionals who wish to enter and manage all accounting transactions of an organization


Expected Duration
47 minutes

QuickBooks Pro 2017 is far more than accounts receivable and accounts payable. In fact, QuickBooks offers sophisticated tools for managing business accounting regardless of scope. In this course, you’ll discover how to work with employees and payroll, banking (including online banking), and reporting.


Working with Employees

  • start the course
  • demonstrate the various features of the Employee Center
  • demonstrate how to manage employee information
  • describe how to enter employee timesheets
  • describe how to enter vehicles and mileage


  • describe how to add bank accounts
  • describe how to write cheques
  • describe how to access and use the QuickBooks Register to review and enter transactions
  • describe how to manage credit card information
  • describe how to reconcile QuickBooks transactions with your bank account

Working with Reports

  • describe how to access and use the Report Center
  • describe how to use preset reports
  • describe how to generate your own custom reports





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.