Encryption Technologies

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To discuss techniques for encrypting information

Target Audience

Network administrators, firewall administrators, systems administrators, application developers, and IT security officers


A good knowledge of networking and internetworking, including a detailed knowledge of the OSI model and the TCP/IP protocol suite

Expected Duration

290 min.

Course Objectives

Encryption Technologies

  • outline the history of encryption and the reasons why encryption is important.
  • outline the principles of symmetric encryption.
  • explain what a block cipher is and identify the algorithms that use them.
  • discuss the fundamentals of asymmetric encryption.
  • explain the functionality of hashes and message functions in protecting the integrity of encrypted data.
  • describe the processes involved in symmetric and asymmetric encryption.
  • outline the different methods of managing encryption keys.
  • discuss some practical applications of encryption.
  • implement a secure encryption scheme on a computer.
  • exchange encrypted e-mails.
  • explain the use of certificates for trusted secure public-key implementation.
  • describe revocation and nonrepudiation of public-key certificates.
  • discuss the X.509 standard for public-key certificates.
  • describe public-key infrastructure and Secure Electronic Transactions (SETs).
  • outline certificate practices, policies, and paths.