Enhancing and Customizing Diagrams in Visio 2007

Knowledge of basic word processing and computing; familiarity with the Microsoft Windows and Office environments.


Expected Duration
210 minutes

Visio 2007 provides the tools to create diagrams by adding shapes and text to create complex networking and business diagrams. This course will show how to position and manipulate shapes, alter views and page orders, and manipulate text and text characteristics within Visio 2007 diagrams.


Working with Shapes, Pages, and Themes

  • position shapes with grids, rulers, and guides
  • automatically lay out shapes
  • identify the layout options available
  • manipulate shapes in a given scenario
  • reorder and group shapes
  • position shapes using rulers and grids
  • automatically lay out shapes
  • duplicate and delete shapes
  • order and group shapes
  • adjust the view of a diagram
  • create and modify pages
  • apply a theme to a diagram
  • change the page view using zooming and panning
  • add new drawing windows and open the Drawing Explorer
  • add and edit pages
  • apply a theme to a diagram

Working with Text and Tables

  • add text to Visio diagrams
  • work with comments
  • add headers and footers
  • select and edit text
  • format text
  • reposition text
  • add text to Visio diagrams
  • add a header, footer, and a comment
  • select and edit text
  • format and reposition text
  • use tabs to format text in table form
  • create a table using shapes
  • use tab stops to format text in column form
  • use shapes to create tables





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