Essential Node.js

  • Anyone who is building web applications and wants to take their applications to the next level

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Expected Duration
4 day


This course introduces Node.js to the experienced developer who wants more control, higher performance, effective security, and cross-platform support. You will learn how Node.js is built from a small but powerful core and how these low-level constructs can be used together to build complete, modern Web applications. You will learn how to use Express and Passport frameworks to build secure Web servers. Learn multiple ways of structuring large code bases and automating the development and operations tasks so that maintenance and deployments are as repeatable and consistent as possible.

This course uses MongoDB, Mongoose ODM(Object Document Mapper), and Mocha unit testing framework.

Note: You are required to bring your own laptop.


1. Get to Know Node.js

2. Explore Core Node.js Building Blocks

3. Use Third-Party Packages with Npm

4. Debug and Test Your Code with Mocha

5. Persist Data in MongoDB with Mongoose

6. Build a Web Application with Express

7. Authenticate and Authorize Your Users with Passport

8. Communicate in Real-Time with Socket.IO

9. Automate Your Workflows with Grunt

10. Secure Your Application

11. Deploy and Maintain Your Application



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