Essential Selling Skills: Closing the Sale

Individuals who want to gain a foundation in essential sales techniques and anyone who wants to develop or refine existing sales skills


Expected Duration
60 minutes

One of the most difficult steps in any sales effort is securing the sale. When is the best time to ask for the order? What if the prospect doesn’t seem interested or challenges the merits of your proposal? This course demonstrates how to leverage your value proposition in the final stages of the sales process, so you can present it in the most effective way possible. It discusses how to time your closing, and presents strategies for successfully closing the sale. The course also examines how objections function within the closing process and provides an analysis of how to overcome objections to the sale. And finally, it explores the merits of following up after a sale.


Effectively Closing Sales

  • recognize examples of strong value propositions
  • identify the signs that your prospect is ready to close
  • apply the process for dealing with sales objections appropriately
  • recognize key strategies for closing a sale
  • recognize how to follow up after a sale
  • deal with objections and close a sale




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