Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities, and Using Feedback Effectively

All levels of employees; anyone who participates on any type of team.


Expected Duration
30 minutes

Everyone on a team has particular strengths. To get a team to perform at its best, these strengths have to be recognized, reflected in the roles and responsibilities assigned to team members, and directed toward achieving suitable goals. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a team, including how to set effective team goals, identify roles and assess team members’ competencies, and assign roles based on these competencies. You’ll also learn how to give and receive feedback effectively, so that it strengthens your role and the performance of your team.


Team Goals, Responsibilities, and Feedback

  • identify examples of team goals that are aligned with corporate goals and that are clear and measurable
  • identify roles on a team
  • assess the competencies of team members
  • match competencies to related team member roles
  • identify ways to clarify expectations about the responsibilities of team members
  • recognize examples of effective feedback
  • recognize examples of constructive ways to receive feedback from team members
  • use techniques to work effectively with a team and give and receive feedback





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