Establishing the Conditions for a Learning Culture

Managers and leaders who want to understand how to develop a commitment to learning in their organization

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

What does it mean to create a culture of learning? What conditions are required for such a culture to develop? For many organizations, developing a culture of learning requires a fundamental shift in thinking. Several small changes in thinking and behavior can collectively shift the direction of a company toward one that’s centered on learning.
This course introduces various conditions that together facilitate a culture of learning. It examines the numerous obstacles that must be overcome before moving to a learning culture, including deeply engrained individual beliefs, systems of hierarchy, and lack of transparency. For each obstacle faced, the course introduces practical solutions to overcome it.
It also explores in detail one of the most important conditions for learning: employee motivation. Without motivation, employees will be less receptive to learning programs, and thus less likely to use their learning for the greater organizational good. And the course offers strategies for tapping into intrinsic motivations and generating an enthusiasm for personal improvement that will help sustain a strong learning culture.


Creating Conditions for a Learning Culture

  • recognize examples of the organizational conditions required for a strong learning culture to develop
  • recognize how specific workplace obstacles can impair organizational learning
  • determine how and why to establish a given condition for a culture of learning
  • recognize the use of key strategies for motivating employees toward learning




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