Exchange Server 2003: Configuration for Management

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To outline how to configure Exchange Server 2003 for server, performance, and message management

Target Audience

Systems administrators, systems engineers, systems analysts, IT consultants, and support professionals with responsibility for planning, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft Exchange Server 2003; learners preparing for MCSA certification exams


A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and a working knowledge of networking, including TCP/IP, DNS, and IIS; an understanding of Internet protocols, such as POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, and HTTP may be beneficial

Expected Duration

140 min.

Course Objectives

Exchange Server 2003: Configuration for Management

  • create and configure an additional virtual server in Exchange Server 2003.
  • identify the steps and considerations associated with deleting a server from an Exchange Server 2003 system.
  • configure data for the Exchange Server 2003 Information Store.
  • create an configure a mailbox store and public folders store for a storage group in a given scenario.
  • create, configure, and start performance logging.
  • search for a tracked message and manage message tracking in Exchange Server 2003.
  • track a user message and configure message tracking logs on an Exchange Server 2003 server.