Exchange Server 2010 SP1: Mailbox Server Administration

Systems administrators, systems engineers, systems analysts, IT consultants, and support professionals with responsibility for planning, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1; learners preparing for the MCTS and MCITP certification exams. A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and a working knowledge of networking, including TCP/IP, DNS, and IIS, and an understanding of Internet protocols, such as POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, and HTTP may be beneficial.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
120 minutes

The primary focus of all editions of Exchange Server has been the messaging functionality it provides to users, and this remains the case with the release of Exchange Server 2010 SP1. This course discusses how to create user mailboxes as well as resource mailboxes. Also covered is the creation and management of distribution groups and address lists.


Configuring User and Resource Mailboxes

  • use the EMC to create a mailbox for an existing user
  • use the EMC to configure message size limits for a user mailbox
  • use the EMC to configure storage quotas for a mailbox
  • use the EMC to create a resource mailbox
  • use the EMC to assign a custom resource property to a resource mailbox
  • add a custom resource property to the resource schema
  • use the EMC to specify who can schedule a resource
  • use the EMC to add a delegate to a resource mailbox
  • create and manage user and resource mailboxes in Exchange Server 2010

Configuring Distribution Groups and Address Lists

  • use the Exchange Server 2010 Control Panel to create a distribution group
  • use the EMC to create a dynamic distribution group
  • use the EMC to add a user to a distribution group
  • configure message delivery restrictions
  • configure message moderation
  • use the EMC to create an address list
  • create an address list using recipient filters
  • create a global address list
  • use the EMC to create an offline address book
  • configure distribution groups and address lists in Exchange Server 2010





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