Exploring the Advanced Features of the Ionic Framework

This path is targeted toward web designers and web developers who wish to develop native apps for mobile devices using HTML and JavaScript. A working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is essential.


Expected Duration
120 minutes

The Ionic framework enables HTML and JavaScript developers to develop mobile apps and WebApp with mobile-friendly HTML, JS, and CSS components. In this course, you will learn the Ionic JavaScript library basics, JavaScript layouting, and JavaScript navigation. You will also learn some advanced features of the Ionic JavaScript library and CLI.


JavaScript Basics

  • start the course
  • use action sheet in an app
  • use backdrop in an app
  • work with content in an app
  • use headers and footers in an app
  • use lists in an app
  • use form inputs in an app

JavaScript Layouting

  • implement tabs in an app
  • use popover in an app
  • use Pop-up in an app
  • use modal pane in an app
  • implement scroll in an app

JavaScript Navigation

  • implement navigation in an app
  • use slide menus in an app
  • use slide box in an app
  • implement spinner in an app
  • work with Ionic loading to load content in an app

Advanced Features of JavaScript

  • work with platform
  • implement touch gestures and events in an app
  • tweaking tap in an app

Advanced Features of CLI

  • use icon and splash screen images in an app
  • upload and view an Ionic app
  • work with Sass in an app
  • work with environment info and alternate browsers in an app

Practice: Creating a WebApp

  • create an app with Tab navigation with the Ionic framework





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