Extending CSS3 with Sass and Less

Developers with knowledge of CSS3 who wish to learn how to extend the functionality of CSS with the Sass and Less pre-processors


Expected Duration
96 minutes

Despite its increasing flexibility and functionality, CSS does not include functionality such as nesting, functions, and the use of variables. Sass and Less pre-processors can be used to extend CSS, providing greater functionality and power and maintenance for your stylesheets.


Introduction to Sass

  • start the course
  • outline the features of Sass and how to install and use it, outline Sass syntax and create a Sass stylesheet
  • outline the features of SassScript – variables, data types, operations, and use the interactive shell to work with SassScript

CSS Extensions in Sass

  • work with nested CSS rules and reference parent selectors using Sass
  • work with nested CSS properties in Sass

Using Sass @-Rules and Directives

  • use the @import rule in Sass, use partials and nested @imports
  • use nested @media queries
  • use the @extend directive in Sass
  • use the @extend directive for multiple and chained extends
  • use control directives in Sass
  • use the @at-root directive in Sass
  • use the @warn and @debug directives in Sass

Mixins and Functions in Sass

  • use @mixin in Sass
  • work with functions in Sass

Practice: Working with Sass

  • use Sass to extend CSS3

Using the Less CSS Pre-processor

  • describe Less, and how it can be used; install and use Less
  • work with variables in Less
  • work with the Extend pseudo-class in Less

Mixins in Less

  • work with mixins in Less
  • pass rulesets to mixins in Less
  • use recursive mixins to create loop structures in Less
  • work with mixin guards and CSS guards in Less

Import Directives and Selectors in Less

  • work with import directives in Less
  • use & to reference parent selectors and to generate selectors in a list

Practice: Extending CSS3 with Less

  • use Less to extend CSS3





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