Extending XML

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To use some W3C standards to extend XML

Target Audience

Existing application and web developers wishing to attain competency in the use of advanced XML techniques; systems analysts and systems designers needing a thorough knowledge of XML for the development of web-enabled applications.


familiarity with XML syntax; knowledge of the basic XML document model (prolog, body, epilog); an understanding of the importance of well-formedness in XML; an understanding of XML parsing and processing; prior experience with programming and markup languages. In addition, prior experience of stylesheet formatting (e.g. CSS) would be an advantage.

Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Extending XML

  • use XML identity constraints to implement relational database-style data integrity.
  • identify the roles of key SQL/XML functions.
  • recognize how to migrate HTML pages to XHTML.
  • identify the key XML elements used to construct a SOAP message and SOAP schema.
  • identify the syntax used to build a WSDL document.
  • facilitate web services by creating WSDL documents and SOAP messages.
  • identify the XML Encryption elements used to encrypt data.
  • recognize the structure of an XBRL file and how XBRL is used to process business information.
  • recognize how the XBRL General Ledger taxonomy is applied to XBRL documents.