Features in Office 2016, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Project and Access, OneNote

Individuals and corporate end-users with a working knowledge of Office 2013’s standard functionality and general computing skills


Expected Duration
89 minutes

With the release of Microsoft Office 2016 product suite, Microsoft has enhanced functionality to meet the evolving needs of individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises. This course provides an overview of new and improved features in PowerPoint 2016, Excel 2016, Visio 2016, Project 2016, Access 2016, and OneNote 2016.


Enhancements in PowerPoint 2016

  • start the course
  • recognize new chart types available in PowerPoint 2016
  • recognize and use the ink equation feature in PowerPoint 2016
  • use the screen recording feature in PowerPoint 2016

Enhancements in Excel 2016

  • recognize new chart types available in Excel 2016
  • use the get & transform feature in Excel 2016
  • use one-click forecasting in Excel 2016
  • recognize the new and enhanced features in the PivotTable in Excel 2016

Enhancements in Visio 2016

  • use one-step data connectivity in Visio 2016
  • recognize how to protect sensitive information using IRM in Visio 2016
  • explore the new shapes for office layouts, site plans, floor plans, home plans, and electrical diagrams

Enhancements in Project 2016

  • use flexible timelines in Project 2016

Enhancements in Access 2016

  • use the Linked Table Manager in Access 2016
  • explore the redesigned templates in Access 2016

Enhancements in OneNote 2016

  • demonstrate how to embed videos from Office Mix, Vimeo, or YouTube
  • demonstrate how to write notes on the web using Microsoft Edge and share these notes or send notes to an e-mail address

Practice: New Features in Product Suite

  • use new features in PowerPoint 2016, Excel 2016, Project 2016, Access 2016, and OneNote 2016





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