Feedback and Its Vital Role in the Workplace

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for providing and receiving feedback and criticism


Expected Duration
29 minutes

Everyone needs corrective and constructive feedback from time to time, but if you’re like many people, the prospect of giving that feedback is chilling. Understanding what feedback is – and recognizing the difference between effective, constructive feedback and unhelpful criticism – is important at all levels of the workplace. In this course, you’ll learn how that distinction applies in practice, how to approach giving feedback to peers and to supervisors, and how to manage the anxiety you may experience. This course helps to take the mystery and dread out of an invaluable skill.


Understanding the Importance of Feedback

  • recognize the benefits of constructive feedback
  • deliver constructive feedback
  • follow guidelines for providing appropriate feedback at different levels of the organization
  • manage the normal biological response to delivering feedback
  • deliver constructive feedback




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