Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks

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To recognize the role of the key physical and logical components in the Fibre Channel SAN architecture, distinguish between Fibre Channel SAN topologies, identify what’s involved in managing the SAN environment, and introduce the challenges associated with implementing a Fibre Channel SAN solution

Target Audience

The target audience for this path are IT professionals with little or no knowledge of storage concepts but who need to support storage products now or in the future and make storage related decisions



Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks

  • recognize the features, benefits, and components of a Fibre Channel SAN.
  • recognize the features of Fibre Channel and understand the role of fabric addressing and fabric logins in providing communication between nodes in a SAN.
  • distinguish between Fibre Channel topologies.
  • differentiate between Fibre Channel components and their role in the SAN architecture, and determine the appropriate SAN topology for a scenario.
  • recognize the activities and considerations involved in managing the SAN environment.
  • recognize considerations for implementing a SAN environment.
  • determine the appropriate Fibre Channel SAN storage solution for a given enterprise scenario.
  • distinguish between the advantages of EMC Connectrix Family Switches and Directors.