Financial Accounting with SAP

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The SAP Financial modules are at core of any integrated SAP System. All module transactions with a monetary impact flow through to the Finance module, usually in real time and automatically through the SAP configuration. In order to work with the Finance Module or any module, you must have an understanding of the concepts behind mySAP ERP and be familiar with the steps for executing tasks using SAP’s interface. This course discusses these underlying concepts, and introduces the SAP R/3 GUI. It also identifies the data required to align your business processes with the Financial Accounting and Controlling modules in order to complete financial transactions and create reports.
This course focuses on the use of SAP R/3, and offers additional information about the upgrades and enhancements available in SAP ERP 6.0.

Target Audience

Project team members involved in implementing SAP; trainee technical consultants on SAP implementation projects; and anyone requiring an overview of the SAP solution set.



Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

mySAP ERP Basics

  • associate each layer of SAP R/3 architecture with its function
  • recognize the purpose and function of key SAP R/3 features
  • The SAP R/3 GUI

  • recognize how to open a task screen in the SAP R/3 GUI
  • Executing a Task in SAP R/3

    Understanding Financial Accounting Transactions

  • determine the transaction and data required to extract the desired Financial Accounting information, in a given scenario
  • Reports in the Financial Accounting Module

  • select the appropriate Financial Accounting report in a given scenario
  • recognize the inputs required for a Financial Accounting report, in a given scenario
  • Financial Accounting Transactions and Reports

    Understanding Transactions in the Controlling Module

  • determine the transaction and data required to extract the desired Controlling information, in a given scenario
  • Reports in the Controlling Module

  • recognize the inputs required for a Controlling module report in a given scenario
  • select the Controlling module report that will provide the information required in a given scenario
  • Controlling Transactions and Reports





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