Firewalls and Access to Internal Resources with Microsoft ISA Server 2000

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To describe securing the ISA server and explain publishing

Target Audience

IT Professionals including web administrators, network administrators, and security administrators but not network architects


The Group Policy module in the Microsoft Windows 2000 learning path; the Microsoft Windows 2000 – Implementing a Network Infrastructure learning path, or equivalent skills

Expected Duration

235 min.

Course Objectives

Firewalls and Access to Internal Resources with Microsoft ISA Server 2000

  • describe best security practices and identify the security levels available for an ISA server.
  • secure an ISA server by running the ISA Server Security Configuration Wizard.
  • explain the functionality of a perimeter network firewall configuration on a network.
  • describe packet filtering and IP routing.
  • configure packet filtering and IP routing in ISA Server 2000.
  • create IP packet filters.
  • describe and configure the application filters that are available in ISA Server 2000.
  • configure an SMTP application filter.
  • describe publishing servers and publishing server configurations using ISA Server 2000.
  • create web publishing rules, configure listeners, and redirect requests.
  • describe how to publish secure web sites.
  • publish a web server.
  • describe the steps for publishing a server and to use the message screener.
  • publish an NNTP server and a mail server.
  • explain how to add and configure an H.323 gatekeeper.
  • add and configure an H.323 gatekeeper.
  • configure gatekeeper destinations.