First Steps for Turning Around a Performance Problem

Managers, supervisors, project team leaders, and human resource professionals who need to deal with problem performance both formally and informally

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

If not dealt with in a timely manner, minor performance problems can develop into larger issues that affect the success of the whole organization. Understanding how to broach the subject of performance with employees enables you to keep the discussion focused on the real issues and required expectations. When you know how to implement corrective measures both at the situational level and the employee level, you can turn performance problems around and inspire workers to contribute to the best of their ability.
This course identifies the benefits of dealing with minor performance problems and explains how to communicate with employees about performance discrepancies. It also demonstrates how you can help employees resolve situational problems in the workplace. And it shows how to put in place corrective measures for performance problems that are the result of the employee’s unwillingness or inability to perform.


Communicating and Resolving Problem Performance

  • choose an appropriate level of intervention for problem performance
  • sequence examples of steps for communicating with employees about their problem performance
  • communicate with employees about their problem performance
  • match problem situations to appropriate fast fixes
  • determine appropriate actions for resolving problem performance




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