First Time Manager: Meeting Expectations

Anyone who is exploring a career move into management, or who has been promoted or hired into a management role for the first time

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

One of the most exciting and challenging changes that comes with moving into a management role, is the need to take a more strategic view of the work you are doing. As a first-time manager, you have to develop a greater awareness of how your own work, and the work of those in your department, fits in with the organizational vision. You need to know what the organization expects of you as a manager. You also need to understand the different expectations that your direct reports, your peers, and your boss have of you, and how to balance these effectively. It’s also vital to build a strong relationship with your manager so you get the support you need to meet expectations. This course covers how to meet organizational expectations as a first-time manager, as well as how to balance conflicting expectations of peers, direct reports, and management. It also describes how to establish a productive relationships with your new boss. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.


Meeting Expectations as a First-Time Manager

  • recognize how to meet organizational expectations as a first-time manager
  • determine the best response to conflicting expectations in a given scenario
  • identify examples of steps first-time managers can take to build productive relationships with their new bosses





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