Foodservice Worker Safety

Employees who work in the foodservice industry

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Expected Duration
30 minutes

There are hazards in every workplace. For young and inexperienced workers, food preparation jobs in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, or schools are often their first jobs. This course explains many of the hazards that employees in the food services industry may be exposed to, including ergonomics, kitchen equipment, fire safety, machine guarding, slips, trips and falls, sharps, burns, and electrical safety. You will learn principles and best practices for avoiding these types of hazards in your workplace.


Recognizing and Controlling Foodservice Hazards

  • recognize actions that may prevent fires, burns, and electrocution in the foodservice environment
  • recognize best practices for avoiding hazards from unguarded kitchen equipment
  • recognize best practices for avoiding hazards from sharp objects in the foodservice environment
  • recognize actions that help foodservice employees avoid ergonomic hazards
  • recognize hazards that could cause slips, trips, or falls




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