Formatting E-mail and Configuring Message Options in Outlook 2010

A broad range of business users

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

The default installation of Outlook 2010 allows you to easily send and receive messages among colleagues and friends. There are, however, many options that help you make creative, more visually appealing messages, as well as options that change how messages are sent. This course discusses sending e-mail in different message formats as well as formatting options that can be applied to the text and background of an e-mail. Also covered are how to check your message’s spelling and grammar, how to track outgoing messages, how to add voting buttons, and how to set importance and sensitivity options.


E-mail Formatting and Sending Options

  • create a format for your e-mail messages
  • save e-mail messages
  • format e-mail messages
  • check the spelling and grammar of your e-mail messages
  • track e-mail messages
  • configure message options when sending e-mail
  • set the format type of an e-mail message
  • format an e-mail message
  • check the spelling and grammar of an e-mail message
  • add outgoing e-mail options





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