Freedom of Information Act

Employees of federal government agencies who receive, or may be asked to respond to, requests for government information under the FOIA


Expected Duration
24 minutes

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) encourages accountability through transparency – considered to be vital to the health and success of a democracy. In the United States, each federal agency is responsible for processing FOIA requests for the records it holds and for disclosing records – whether by request or proactively. Employees of federal agencies need to be prepared to handle FOIA requests. This course provides an overview of the FOIA and how to meet obligations for processing FOIA requests, while also encouraging employees to become familiar with the particular guidelines and resources held by their agency’s FOIA Office.


Meeting Your Obligations Under the FOIA

  • identify statements that accurately describe the FOIA
  • recognize the FOIA obligations for disclosing information held by federal agencies
  • identify what is required under the FOIA when making records available
  • recognize what’s involved in processing a FOIA request under the FOIA
  • identify what’s involved in processing a FOIA request to meet the spirit of the law





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