Fundamentals of Organizational Learning

Managers and leaders who want to understand how to develop a commitment to learning in their organization

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Organizational learning is often considered a luxury, and the tendency to focus on the ‘here and now’ can shift attention away from the need for continuous learning at all levels of the organization. The reality, however, is that organizations that develop a learning culture will not only weather difficult times better than most, but will flourish in an ultra-competitive global market.
This course introduces the concept of organizational learning, and its benefits to individual employees as well as the organization as a whole. It examines the role of training, knowledge management, and technology in facilitating organizational learning, and stresses the pivotal role of the learning culture. By exploring the essential elements and indicators of a pro-learning culture, the course prepares you to assess your current workplace and determine how conducive it is to learning. In a world that’s becoming smaller by the day, developing a learning organization is paramount – it’ll increase your competitiveness, and create more satisfied, goal-oriented employees.


Organizational Learning

  • recognize the importance and value of organizational learning
  • describe the role of training, knowledge management, and technology in organizational learning
  • distinguish between training and learning
  • recognize the essential elements of a learning culture
  • assess the learning culture of an organization





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