Gender and Leadership

Women who are managers and leaders, as well as any women looking toward a leadership role.


Expected Duration
21 minutes

While women are a very much a minority at the highest levels of leadership, more women hold leadership positions now than ever before in our history. The traits that are typically associated with leadership – assertiveness, trustworthiness, intelligence – are just as common in women as they are in men. What are the obstacles that women face on their path to leadership? This course will examine the issues facing women leaders and you’ll learn about how to change your personal views to help overcome these issues, including why gender still matters. You’ll also learn how to develop competence, confidence, and a personal brand.


Gender Matters

  • recognize how to challenge the pervasive mindset about gender in the workplace
  • recognize how to navigate gender-related differences in the workplace
  • identify effective responses to double bind situations
  • recognize what constitutes the kind of competency that builds confidence
  • determine the key elements of a personal brand
  • recognize components of leadership presence




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