General Security Concepts

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To introduce the key principles of security for the enterprise

Target Audience

Network administrators, firewall administrators, system administrators, application developers, and IT security officers


Knowledge and skills equivalent of those tested for in the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification exams

Expected Duration

360 min.

Course Objectives

General Security Concepts

  • describe how to achieve CompTIA Security + Certification.
  • discuss access control concepts.
  • discuss access control types and models.
  • discuss resource access control and system access control.
  • explain how to implement resource access control and system access control.
  • identify the requirements for system access control and resource access control.
  • define the principles of authentication and discuss authentication methods.
  • explain the features and operation of Kerberos.
  • explain the authentication mechanisms used in PPP.
  • describe threats to information security and network infrastructure.
  • explain how different types of denial-of-service attacks affect a network.
  • describe some of the common attacks that are carried out on networks.
  • detail threats that arise specifically from hackers.
  • set up and monitor a Telnet session using a protocol analyzer.
  • discuss the threat of social engineering.
  • describe how passwords are stored and explain why they are vulnerable to attack.
  • explain why a strong password policy is important and what can be done to protect password files on UNIX and Windows systems.
  • use the password cracking utility LC4 and employ it to audit passwords from a number of locations.