Get Your Project off the Ground

Anyone wishing to acquire the necessary skills to manage small- to medium-sized projects successfully


Expected Duration
36 minutes

To put it bluntly, if you don’t know why you’re doing a project and who’s supporting it, you’re heading for failure. At the start of any project, you and your team members should make sure that the project purpose is clear, that senior management will support the endeavor, and that stakeholders have been identified. Then you can establish project requirements and determine key activities and milestones – all the things that help define and clarify the project and guide it to its successful conclusion. In this course, you’ll find out about the importance of clarifying the main project elements at the beginning of a project, as well as how to identify the key project stakeholders. You’ll also learn about collecting project requirements, clarifying a project’s scope, and setting key milestones.


Getting Started

  • clarify the main elements of a project
  • identify key stakeholders for a project
  • follow a process for defining project requirements
  • break down a project’s deliverables to clarify the scope of the project
  • identify mandatory and optional milestones for a project
  • take steps to initiate a project successfully





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