Getting Organized with Mac OS X Lion

End users with some knowledge of computers, who are either new to OS X or new to OS X Lion

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Built on a UNIX foundation, OS X Lion is version 10.7 of Apple Inc.’s OS X desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. OS X Lion takes full advantage of the technologies in Mac computers so that all aspects of a Mac work together, like the Spotlight feature that’s integrated into several Mac applications. OS X Lion provides several methods of organizing items, such as smart folders and labels. There are multiple ways of searching for items, and the method you choose would depend on what you’re looking for, where you are at the moment, and how much information you want about it. In OS X Lion, the App Store enables you to easily get new apps for your computer, while Launchpad can be used to organize those apps. This course introduces experienced Mac OS X users and novices alike to ways of organizing and finding items, as well as managing apps in OS X Lion.


Getting Organized

  • organize items in OS X Lion
  • search for items in OS X Lion
  • use Launchpad to open apps
  • use the App Store
  • use Launchpad to delete apps
  • organize items in OS X Lion
  • search for items in OS X Lion
  • find and download an app





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