Getting Results Without Direct Authority: Persuasive Communication

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for getting results when they don’t have direct authority over the people responsible for doing the work

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Communicating persuasively is key when you want to get results in situations where you don’t have direct authority. To communicate persuasively, it’s important to think from the other person’s perspective. How and what you ask, and the sincerity of your concern for addressing the other person’s interests, will help smooth the way to getting the results you need.

This course presents strategies for communicating persuasively when you don’t have direct authority. It also describes ways to remain persuasive even when you face resistance from the person you are addressing.


Communicating Persuasively

  • recognize how to communicate persuasively to get the results you need
  • apply strategies for communicating persuasively to get results
  • recognize how to overcome resistance when you need to get results from someone over whom you don’t have direct authority





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