Getting Results without Direct Authority: Reciprocity

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for getting results when they don’t have direct authority over the people responsible for doing the work

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

One way to get results without authority is to leverage the law of reciprocity. For example, you help someone with a difficult analysis and that person in turn helps you put together a presentation. Or you support a colleague in a meeting, and later you get a key role in that colleague’s project. For any trade to be successful, though, you need to know what others need and what resources you have to offer them that match those needs. Then the trade will be a valuable one. This course describes how to develop an effective give-and-take strategy so you can influence others to get the results you need. It also covers some possible objects of trades valued by others and available for you to offer. In addition, it discusses some of the different trading approaches you can take in different situations.


Using Reciprocity and Trade to Get Results

  • recognize how to carry out steps to develop an effective give-and-take strategy
  • identify examples of possible trades you can offer to gain influence
  • match types of trades to examples of how they are used




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