Getting Started with Crystal Reports 2011

Individuals, such as managers, business support staff (secretarial) and project team members – those responsible for extracting and analyzing a variety of information about a business using Crystal Reports

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
150 minutes

Business data comes from a variety of sources and is stored in various formats. The volume and variety of business data presents immense potential for understanding and responding to customer requirements and business process optimization. In order to realize this potential, SAP provides the Crystal Reports 2011 reporting tool.
Crystal Reports 2011 allows business users to extract and present formatted reports from business data. Crystal Reports 2011 provides a very user friendly interface to various data sources including database, MS-excel, and flat text files.
This course provides an introduction to the Crystal Reports 2011 reporting tool including an initiation to the user-friendly interface and the various formatting and layout options as well as the various methods of data access made available to users through Crystal Reports 2011.


Crystal Reports 2011 Basics

  • identify the features of Crystal Reports
  • recognize the functions of the main Crystal Reports interface elements
  • recognize which Crystal Reports explorer to use in a given situation

Creating and Modifying Reports

  • create a report using the Report Creation Wizard
  • create a report from scratch
  • use an existing report as a model for creating new report
  • customize sections in a report
  • customize the presentation of data in reports
  • create a report
  • customize a report

Arranging Data and Distributing Reports

  • organize data using sorting, filtering, and summarizing
  • recognize the role of formulas in Crystal Reports
  • distribute reports in a specified format
  • organize data to display in a specified way
  • distribute reports





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.